Not our Callcott’s

Wrapping the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday February 18 2017 was  a tribute to the Scott sisters – Harriet (Morgan) and Helena – internationally renowned as leading illustrators of Australian flora and fauna. Their beautiful work is being featured at the Australian Museum in Sydney from February to June 2017..

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The sisters were the children of  free settler, Alexander Walker Scott and Harriet Calcott. Alexander was a Trustee of the Australian Museum, and also a Fellow of the Entomological Association of Australia, as were Harriet and Helena. Not surprisingly the family’s papers came into the Australian Museum.

The Scott  family lived at Ash Island in the Newcastle area, and I had wondered if they were connected to our own Hunter Valley Callcott’s. However their mother Harriet Calcott was not one of our Calcott’s – she was the daughter of ex-convict turned Green Dragon Publican,  Richard Calcott . Some months back I was researching other Callcott convicts, but I could find no connection between Richard Calcott, and our own ancestor Thomas Calcott. Back then I wrote

Other Callcott Convicts

There were a number of other convicts with names similar to Thomas Calcott, but none seem obviously related :

Richard Calcott – born 1771 – 1781 arrived 1797 on the Hillsborough – sentence to 7 years Transportation in London in 1797 – married Catherine White  – with at least 4 children born. Received a land grant, later a Beer license for the Green Dragon in Cumberland St Sydney in 1818.

  • Luisa Callcott
  • Harriett Callcott – her two daughters, Harriett and Helena, to Alexander Walker Scott were the foremost natural science painters in New South Wales from 1850 until turn of the century
  • Eliza Callcott
  • Mary Callcott”



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