03. Ian

Ian McKenzie Callcott was the first of “Molly” Mary Constance  and Russ Callcott’s five children.  He was also the oldest grandchild of Edith Florence and John Charles Joy. It’s not surprising that there are more photographs of the young Ian, than the other four children, Joan, Enid, Joe & Joy, who followed.

Baby Ian McKenzie Callcott with Mum “Molly” Mary Constance Callcott & Father Russ Callcott

Toddler Ian – and a couple of little sisters, Joan and Enid “Bubby”

Wedding of Ian McKenzie Callcott and Lola Elspeth Martin at St Augustine’s Bulli, 1951

The Wedding of Ian McKenzie Callcott and Lola ElspethMartin St Augustine’s Bulli – Coral Winley, Bill Cambourn, Lola & Ian Callcott, Joan Callcott (Ian’s Sister), Arthur “Woppy” Martin (Lola’s Brother)

Baby Mary Louise Callcott

Ian’s eldest child, 1st grandchild for Mary Constance Callcott nee Joy, and of Russ Callcott, also eldest great grandchild of Edith Florence & John Charles Joy

Wedding of sister Joan Lois Callcott to Cyril Ross Adams at St Augustine’s Bulli, 1953  – where Ian gave Joan away

Birthday Celebrations with Callcott Siblings

Joan’s Surprise 60th Birthday in October 1992 at Thirroul – probably the last of them together
Rear – Joe and Pat Callcott, Vic Parks
Middle – Joy Parks (nee Callcott) and Ian Callcott
Front – Joan Adams (nee Callcott) and Lola Callcott (nee Martin)

At sister Joan's 60th in 1992 - Callcott cousins - Ian's son Ian Craig (2nd from left) with Kerrie, Pam, Daryl and Julie

At sister Joan’s 60th in 1992 – Callcott cousins – Ian’s son Ian Craig (2nd from left) with Kerrie, Pam, Daryl and Julie. Ian Craig was the eldest grandson of “Molly” Callcott; and of Russ Callcott; also the eldest great grandson of Edith Florence & Kenneth Charles Joy.

Ian (right) with brother Joe and sister Joan at Ian’s daughter – Mary’s 50th – Jan 2002 Bulli Park

At Engagement of niece Pam Callcott and Gary Coussens – Warilla

Joe Joan Ian Joy - Parm Callcott Gary Coussen Engagement Warilla

Four Callcott siblings : Joe, Joan,  Ian & Joy – at Engagement Party of Pam Callcott and Gary Coussen in Warilla

Family Reunion – 9.2.2013

A Reunion of the Joy-Callcott branch of the Hicks family was held when Ian’s sister Joan Adams’ remains were interred at St Augustine’s Bulli, joining other family members, at a service conducted by Rev Leigh Roberts. Ian’s niece, Kerrie  Christian, shared some of the Hicks Family History. Ian McKenzie shared some of  wife Lola’s “Martin family” members, Joseph & Sarah Martin, who were also buried at St Augustine’s Bulli. And afterwards ? A long, long Family Reunion Lunch at the Woonona Bulli RSL.

Note – More information is available on the Illawarra Callcott Family & Relatives : Gravestones & Memorials – click here.


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