Green – McCauley – Bevan – Robson – Gilroy Families

Jenny Green has a rich family history.

Father Jack was descended from William Bolam Green, Samuel McCauley and George Robson, as well as connected to the families of Rees Bevan and Thomas Gibson  – with a rich coal mining heritage. And her mother May descended from many bounty immigrants of the mid 19th century years and the odd convict or two.

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John Green and wife Ann Alice Bolam emigrated from England in 1863 on the Shackermaxon, settling in the Hunter Valley. Their eleven children included John Bolam Green, William Bolam Green, Matthew Dodds Green & Margaret Green . Their oldest son John Bolam Green is believed to have emigrated to Australia about 1859, also settling in the Hunter Valley before moving to the Illawarra by 1879.

William and Matt both moved down to the Illawarra – William becoming a Colliery Manager while Matt became a Colliery Engineer.

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