Growing up in Redman Avenue Thirroul.

This page of stories is going to be under construction for a long time ..

Mum and Dad ( Joan Callcott and Ross Adams) were lucky to get a War Service Home after Dad had served in New Guinea and Borneo in WWII. And so I grew up with my sister Julie and brother Daryl in Redman Avenue Thirroul, with the Drylie and Andrews kids. There were Hamblins up the road, Robsons round the corner as well as the Gibsons, Keanes, Birches, Graces, Grechs, Pilchers, Loughreys, Privetts and McGoverns.

Later on George from Thirroul Fruit & Vege lived with his family next to Mum in Redman Avenue Thirroul. Our part of Redman Avenue ran from the top near the old Lynwood House around from King St near the Railway Line down to the Bean Street – Arthur Street intersection – but of course our  Redman Avenue kids played with the kids from the nearby streets.

And Redman Avenue snaked its way up and down across Flanagan’s Creek, underneath the old Excelsior Coal Mine  looking up to the Escarpment – heading to Austinmer – and at school,  Thirroul PS and St Michaels, we kids from opposite ends of Redman Avenue got to know each other better.

Some people think Thirroul is a silvertail area these days … but back then most of our neighbourhoods were full of battlers – with our Dad’s working on the Railway, in the Mines, Brickyards, Steelworks or on the Council or County Council mostly.

Kicking off  ..

Vernon Rhodes remembers … “Heaps of us grew up in the 70’s there. The Gallaghers were at No 31 -Rory, Dean, Shane , the Potters at 28 – Julie, Kerry, Rodney, Sharon, Donna and Robert and next door to them at 30 was Alan and Sue Baines and many many more.  Looks like we may find some good history here ”  ….

And of course there were the Andrews … we went on holidays with them to Long Jetty around 1960

Adams and Andrews Families of Redman Avenue Thirroul on Holidays at Long Jetty in 1960

Adams and Andrews Families of Redman Avenue Thirroul on Holidays at Long Jetty in 1960

The Andrews – Coltman Family of Redman Avenue Thirroul


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