07. Joy

Joy was the fifth and youngest child of Russ and Mary (Molly) Callcott (nee Joy).

Children and Grandchildren of Edith Florence Joy (Hicks) 1940s
Rear Marjory Joy (Tolner) George Tolner Kenneth Charles Joy
Middle Sadie (Sarah) Tolner Edith Florence Joy (Hicks) Mary Constance Callcott (Joy) Joan Lois Callcott
Front Joy Callcott John Alfred Callcott Kenneth William Joy Margaret Joy with Kathleen Joy in front of John Alfred Callcott
Missing – Ian McKenzie Callcott and Enid Josephine Callcott

Joy Parks Enid Gorton Joan Adams – Callcott sisters at St Augustine’s Bulli Centenary

Joan’s Surprise 60th in October 1992 at Thirroul
Rear – Joe and Pat Callcott, Vic Parks
Middle – Joy Parks (nee Callcott) and Ian Callcott
Front – Joan Adams (nee Callcott) and Lola Callcott (nee Martin)


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